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2020 Summit

You have ambition.

We help You thrive!

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Lunch Keynote

Pulitzer Prize Winner

Connie Schultz

In conversation with Angela Pace, WBNS 10TV

February 27, 2020

OSU Fawcett Center / 8am-3pm




The Thrive Columbus 2020 Summit is for women who have ambition to thrive! Whether you own your own business, work in corporate America, manage a family or you're pre/post retired, you will leave with knowledge, inspiration and action steps to help you move forward in accomplishing your personal and professional ambitions.
An impressive panel of experts, moderated by Katy Smith, Columbus CEO Editor, will discuss how to identify your own leadership potential and how to promote and advocate for diversity in leadership within a variety of sectors. 
Our lunch keynote is Pulitzer Prize Winner Connie Schultz, in conversation with Angela Pace, WBNS 10TV. 
The afternoon will feature 15 experts who will engage you in conversation on topics that range from 'How to Help Millinials Thrive', 'How to Get a Grip on Your Personal Financial Situation', 'How to Deal with Difficult People', 'How to Have a Thriving Sex Life (After 50)' to 'Savvy Networking Techniques' & 'How to Support a Political Campaign'.  It's like no other event you have ever attended! Many surprises in store! 

26 Presenters! Together we thrive!

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Free Mammograms for qualifying registrants!
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You have ambition.  We help you thrive!


For the first time in Columbus history, organizations with missions that serve women in Central Ohio are united on one website that includes a directory and events calendar. It's a collective that makes it easier for women to find the resources they need in order to move forward. 


Thrive Columbus held its first inaugural Summit on 2/26/19, a full-day event that featured more than 26 local presenters in an effort to engage, challenge and inspire women to fulfill their ambitions, realize their leadership potential and engage in the community. It was such a success, the 2nd annual Summit will be held on February 27!

Whether you are interested in turning a hobby into a business, joining a professional organization, running for office, volunteering on a board, learning how to advocate for a cause, networking events, or finding a mentor, Thrive Columbus has created a landscape to make it easier for women, like you, to navigate the resources you need to fulfill your ambitions and thrive!

Together, we thrive! 



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